JBJ Enterprizes


The building of a website – minus the cost of a hosting account and domain name registration – can run from $100 on up into the thousands of dollars depending on the number of pages; the number of graphics and how complicated they are, be they image, drawing or video(s); the creation of the graphics from scratch or purchasing them from a vendor; connection links to an e-commerce platform for receiving payments should your site be about selling things or services – the list could go on and on.

Suffice to say that JBJ-EG uses the same payment scale as an auto mechanic may use: a flat rate charge based on how long the job will take along with any complication that may be involved in the creation of  your website and/or blog.

An “estimated figure”  will be set prior to beginning the project. In addition, a 5-20% contingency fee to cover any cost overruns due to last minute changes (beyond the ‘normal’ change requests) that would cause considerable complications of the site build.

What's it going to cost?