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About JBJ Enterprizes

Again, welcome to the “Website Design, Build & Maintenance Division” of the JBJ Enterprizes Group (JBJ-EG).

Truth be told, there is no “group” – it is, as noted, just a one-person-operation who relies on a group of very knowledgeable people that can be tapped, when the need arises, as to how to solve a particular design and/or build question or maintenance problem during the process of designing, building, and maintaining websites. Building anything is a collaborative effort that involves lots of input from many sources be it the client or the builders and as noted “very knowledgeable people”.

If you are looking to create a simple website without all the “doo-dads” and “bells ‘n whistles“, it is hoped that you will consider using JBJ-EG to help you in creating your simple, but effective website for your personal or business needs, and not cost you that proverbial “arm and a leg” when the job is completed and your site is “live”.

Your visit here is welcomed and appreciated. The “Client Sites” page represents some of the websites JBJ-EG has built using web design software or the ever popular WordPress platform. [This site was built using the WordPress platform]

When you are ready, there is a website design quote form you can fill out to get started on creating your website.

If you would prefer to get a quote first, use the “Request a Free Quote” form.

Thank you for stopping by!

*A Misspelling…?

On a side note…  The name JBJ Enterprizes was chosen because the original name “JBJ Enterprises” was already taken, hence the “z” replacing the “s” in the name.  The domain name – JBJEnterprises.Com – was purchased by someone who currently has it “parked“, and will sell the domain name for over $1400 – a tad pricey for me, so I went with “Enterprizes” as part of the domain name, which works for me…!