Who is "JBJ Enterprizes Group" [aka - JBJ-EG]...?

Well first off, the word "Enterprizes" in the site's name is a misspelling on purpose - it seems the domain name "JBJ Enterprises" was already taken*, so the "z" replaced the "s" in the site's name: JBJ Enterprizes Group.

JBJ-EG is by no means a website design and build group on the scale of say a Microsoft™, or Google™, or the plethora of other website design companies you can find "on the web".

No, JBJ-EG is just a simple "no frills" group who like to work at designing, building, and maintaining simple to "not too simple" websites for those who don't want [or need] a fancy site; a site without all the "bells-n-whistles" will do just fine for them.

Should you choose to get a start on creating your simple website and begin [or continue] your presence online, be it for your business or family, JBJ-EG is here to help at an affordable price.

*Whomever owns the domain name, they want to sell it for $1400.00...!  A price tag a bit too rich for our "beer wallet" operating capital.

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